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Aussie PM Scott Morrison appears to be quietly betting the Biden climate insanity will be a one hit wonder, that the economic devastation unleashed by Biden’s tax hikes, carbon pricing, and giveaways to other nations while Americans suffer, will unleash a tsunami of voter fury which will wash the Biden administration into the dustbin of history.

The feds have ditched us on climate change, it’s time we ditch them too

Jan Fran
Journalist and presenterApril 23, 2021 — 7.30pm

Towards the end of last year, I attended a panel discussion on climate change in Sydney. It was a fairly unremarkable evening, except for one thing. There side-by-side on stage, wedged between a host of other panellists, sat the NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean and his Labor counterpart Adam Searle.

It occurred to me that this was the first time in recent memory that I’d seen both government and opposition blatantly publicly agree on the issue of climate change and how best to tackle it.

Why – I shook my proverbial fist at the proverbial sky – why can’t Canberra be like this?

When it comes to climate change and energy policy the last decade in federal politics has been a sh*tshow! Ten years, five prime ministers and zero comprehensive national climate policies later, we find ourselves among the few developed economies yet to commit to a 2050 net-zero emissions target (even China, whose mammoth emissions we use as a smokescreen for our inertia to act on climate change, has committed to carbon neutrality by 2060).

There’s “going to have to be a shift” say Biden’s people and Morrison is being urged to get on board.

But do they really need him? We don’t.

The world has forged on without Scott Morrison’s government and so has Australia. Every state and territory has individually committed to the 2050 net-zero emissions target and the country’s largest state is pulling no punches about its plan to become a renewable superpower.

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My question – why do greens need special government policies to make their dream happen?

Greens regularly claim renewables are the cheapest energy option.

Surely somewhere out there is a financier greedy enough to defy the big oil conspiracy which leading greens allege is holding renewables back, and cash in on the cheap green energy bonanza, without any further government intervention.

One possible explanation why this is not happening, is that green claims renewables are affordable and environmentally sustainable are a total pack of lies. Activist film maker Michael Moore threw a lot of accusations about renewable energy lies, in his documentary “Planet of the Humans”.

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April 24, 2021 at 01:02PM