My Daughter is Getting Married, And

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They went in search of oysters.

Caroline Marohasy and Christian Wright searching amongst beds of oysters on the rocks at a remove beach in East Arnhem.

He didn’t find a single pearl, rather he found the whole world. That’s true love.

I’ve always wanted the very best for my daughter. Now she is marrying the very best.

Yep. She is engaged. With a ring on her finger and a date for the wedding!

So, I will be the mother of the bride!

Christian proposing to Caroline, just recently.

Feature picture (top photograph) is of some of us sitting in the water just after the surprise proposal, which was one Saturday morning on a little island off the top end of Australia, near Nhulunbuy.

via Jennifer Marohasy

April 22, 2021 at 06:17PM