Bastardi forecasts dangerous 2021 hurricane season

When the man who first accurately projected the impact of Hurricane Sandy tells us we’re in for a big Atlantic hurricane season, preparation must be made.

Joe Bastardi lives and breathes weather.  Joe posted his incredibly detailed 2021 hurricane forecast to

Bastardi is the master of all hard weather data.  Forecasting anything as chaotic as the Atlantic hurricane season is extremely difficult.  It cannot be done with certainty.  Nobody does it better than Joe.

Joe Bastardi forecasts that 3-6 hurricanes will make landfall in the United States during the 2021 season and that 2-4 will be major.

Nobody will be happier than we at CFACT if the 2021 hurricane season comes in mild.  However, based on Joe Bastardi’s research, we are preparing for a doozy and recommend everyone do the same.

The time to lay in whatever supplies you need such as food, fuel, water, medicine, batteries, lanterns, generators, plywood, tarps, etc., and to make an evacuation plan if you live in a danger area, is long before a major hurricane’s projected landfall makes the news.

We’ve been through this multiple times.  In 2017, a member of CFACT’s Board of Directors was forced to lead a caravan of senior citizens and supplies out of harm’s way as Hurricane Irma was about to strike.   Everything ran out as they traveled.  They made it to relative safety, but still had to barricade windows with mattresses as the wind blew them out.  They had to control an injured senior’s bleeding with what they brought with them during the hours when no help was available.  This was nearly impossible as the man was on blood thinners.  We are grateful everyone came through OK.

We are proud to feature Joe Bastardi’s weather expertise at

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th.  It peaks around Labor Day.  July is a smart month to ensure you are prepared.  Relying on Joe Bastardi’s forecast, everyone at CFACT in the danger zone will be.  Pay special attention if you live on the Gulf Coast from Texas to the Florida Panhandle, in Southern Florida, the Bahamas, or the Atlantic Coast from the Carolinas to Southern New England.  We recommend you evaluate your risk and be ready.

Hurricanes are natural.  Nature’s fury must be respected.

Thanks for the heads up, Joe!


By Craig Rucker |April 23rd, 2021