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Flying Cars Will Undermine Democracy and the Environment
By Kevin DeGood May 28, 2020

Introduction and summary

Recent advances in lithium-ion batteries have opened the door to flying car development.1 At least 20 companies are currently working on novel designs, including both major aerospace firms such as Boeing and Airbus as well as smaller startups.2 A Morgan Stanley analysis estimates that the global market for on-demand, short-distance urban air travel could top $850 billion by 2040.3

Unfortunately, flying cars represent the technological apotheosis of sprawl and an attempt to eradicate distance as a fact of life for elites who are wealthy enough to routinely let slip the bonds of gravity. Proponents offer a utopian vision of seamless convenience and efficiency that delivers broad-based societal benefits. The inevitable reality is that flying cars will confer advantages on direct users while exacerbating the geographic isolation of elites—a spatial manifestation of deepening inequality that undermines the shared experiences that are necessary to sustain democracy. Additionally, removing distance as a constraint in metropolitan development and land use will have profoundly negative consequences for the environment.

The desire for transportation-induced isolation is not new. In the 20th century, interstate highways served as the conduit for racial, ethnic, and income segregation. The combination of expanding automobile ownership and supportive infrastructure allowed developers to tap into vast stretches of land around center cities. By reducing the friction of distance, highways acted as a centrifugal force on cities, undermining through sprawl the racial integration that political movements and courts had sought to implement.

Flying cars threaten to magnify the corrosive effects—both sociopolitical and environmental—of sprawl and segregation by eliminating distance altogether.


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This morning Mrs. Middleton and I were watching our recording of last night’s episode of Gutfeld! when the flying car headline popped up in the Fox News scroll. She had to rewind it several times to confirm that it actually was as stupid as it first appeared. So, we put the research department (me) on the case… Lo and behold, the article was real… and a year old… So I apologize if this was already posted on WUWT last year.

If the ChiCom shamdemic and November 2020 coup d’état weren’t bad enough… Now that we are on the verge of finally getting the flying cars we were supposed to have 21 years ago, cancel culture is deny us the opportunity to eliminate “distance altogether”… Well… I’m…

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