Hard nosed journalists have all agreed, that “Climate Emergency” is this year’s hottest not-so-new trend. All the coolest uninvestigative reporters have signed a pledge to parrot the same term. They all want to join the same club, and this is the new “token for entry”. How sweet. It’s a pledge to use hyperbole, destroy English and bore the public by repeating the same approved propaganda measure.

It won’t work for more than five minutes. The public learnt to ignore global warming, and then climate change, now they will get to ignore the emergency that isn’t an emergency.

But it will make it harder for actual ecological emergencies to get any air time at all. “Congrats” o environmental ones.

It’s a cheap trick. Journalists are milking the “shock” value out of the word”emergency” til it becomes an empty nihilist cliche. Like  borrowing money from the future, there are only so many rounds of “Exploiting-the-language” one team can play before they run out of Reader Capital, and then run out of readers.

Less people are dying from climate than ever, it’s an emergency!

Deaths due to Natural disasters,.

All 400 media outlets are cheerleading in synch:

  • Scientific American,
  • Columbia Journalism Review,
  • The Nation,
  • The Guardian,
  • Noticias Telemundo,
  • Al Jazeera,
  • Asahi Shimbun, and
  • La Repubblica, etc etc etc

Making us all wonder how many different media corporations ultimately control them?

“We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We’re Going to Say So,” declares the headline of a Scientific American commentary. [pompously]

“The media’s response to Covid-19 provides a useful model,” the statement advises, noting how media were able to control the narrative and compel Americans to comply with safety mandates by referring to the pandemic as an “emergency.”

The Gods are back! The media think they “controlled people” to get them to stay home. It’s almost like they think just using the word “emergency” is what did it. If only they thought of that before?

Marc Morano warned us the climate dictators were going to try to recover after Covid stole all their news airspace away from then.

Some bright spark in  media marketing thinks that the only difference between Covid and Climate Change is that we just didn’t sell the climate problem the same way. Most journalists apparently only see the world as verbal word games.

A must-read book that shows how the Green New Deal is dangerous, impractical, misguided, and guaranteed to fail with disastrous results for the American people.”—Sean Hannity

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April 16, 2021 at 02:39PM