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On April 5, Western European countries found themselves on the cold backside of a powerful Atlantic cyclone.

In England, gusts reached 144 km/h, in Germany – 108 km/h, in the Netherlands – 97 km/h. During the passage of the cold front, rain fell everywhere, in Germany and the Czech Republic in some places in the form of wet snow, which for a brief period covered the ground. In the mountains of the Czech Republic, deposits of wet snow reached 5 cm, even in Karlovy Vary, wet snow fell on the trees.

Behind the cold front, it got much colder, in London the temperature dropped 7 degrees a day, in the morning hours of April 6, the soil froze to -2°C.

In several cities in England, air temperature minimums have been blocked. In Aberdeen, the air temperature dropped to -3.4°C, breaking the 1984 record with a temperature of -3.2°C.

On the afternoon of April 6, England, France and Germany will remain in the zone of dense north wind, the maximum air temperature in London and Paris will not exceed 7°C.

On Wednesday, the wind will start to decrease, the sky will be cloudless, in the morning in England and western France there may be frost in some places, and in the afternoon the sun will come up and the temperature will warm to 10… 12°C.

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April 6, 2021 at 08:53PM