Half the population trapped in media fantasy world of doom

All those silicon chips and no real knowledge

The poorest quarter in the UK have more information at their fingertips than King George did, but half the modern population have no idea what’s going on. In big bold terms of history, no other century saw so many lives saved, and deadly foes conquered. But most of the lucky recipients of the biggest bounty in a hundred thousand years aren’t just oblivious to the good news, they think things are getting worse.

Instead of drowning in floods they are drowning in junk headlines.

View this poll as a test of the media. If they told the truth — in perspective — the responses would cluster in a bell curve around the correct answer. Instead, a third of the population don’t know, and half the population know even less.

The GWPF has done a survey in the UK and discovered that less than 10% of the population even realize that the death toll from natural disasters is down at all, let alone by 95%. More than half the population can’t even guess the trend. And if these were “per capita” stats, the trend practically fell off a cliff. Since 1920 the global population has increased four-fold, but the death toll shrunk by a factor of twenty.

History and a connection to the real world  is being wiped out. Great floods, fires and storms are being dropped down the memory-hole, while less deadly modern phenomenon fill up the news cycle.

 Climate alarmism is misleading the public

Deaths due to natural disasters. Poll. Graph. 2021. UK

The real story is a glorious success:

Global deaths from natural disasters. Source OWID

Similarly, half the population think the world has warmed by 5 to 10 huge degrees?

Poll, Degrees of warming, industrial revolution. Graph. UK. GWPF

If people seriously thought the world had warmed by 10C why would they worry about another degree and a half?

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April 2, 2021 at 01:44PM