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h/t Breitbart; In the wake of Delta Airlines criticism of Georgia’s voter integrity laws, the Georgia House of Representatives is stripping Delta of state fuel tax exemptions, to help Delta resist the temptation to use fossil fuel.

Georgia House threatens Delta tax break after CEO slammed new voting restrictions

By CNN Newsource
Published  9:14 am

Georgia’s Republican-controlled House on Wednesday voted to revoke a major tax break for Delta Air Lines as punishment for its CEO’s public criticism of the state’s controversial new lawclamping down on ballot access.

The state Senate did not take up the measure before lawmakers adjourned for the year, rendering it dead for this year — but the threat underscores the potential political backlash corporations could face for opposing efforts to restrict voting.

Voting rights activists are lobbying major companies to take a stand against elections bills under consideration in key political battlegrounds, where Republicans are moving to erect new barriers to voting after record turnout in 2020 helped Democrats win the White House and the majority in the US Senate.

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Delta will no doubt welcome this effort to repeal their fossil fuel tax breaks. Reducing CO2 emissions accords with Delta’s public commitment to a low carbon future;

Delta’s ambitious carbon neutrality plan balances immediate actions and long-term investments on path to zero-impact aviation

Staff Writer Mar 4, 2021 8:45am

Delta Air Lines’ audacious commitment to carbon neutrality from March 2020 onward is coming to fruition with swift impact through immediate actions coupled with long-term investments to combat climate change.

“Connecting the world and protecting our environment for future generations cannot be mutually exclusive,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “Travelers should not have to choose between seeing the world and saving the world. We must continue to take immediate actions today and can’t wait for future solutions to become a reality. While there are many paths to carbon neutrality, Delta chose to make an impact today and invest in a future where aviation itself becomes cleaner for the world around us.”

In the short term, Delta intends to achieve carbon neutrality by directly reducing emissions through fleet and operational efficiencies and addressing remaining emissions through carbon offset project investments that maintain, protect and expand forests. See Delta’s sustainability glossary for definitions of sustainability terms and details about Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

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The Georgia House of Representatives desire to repeal Delta’s fuel tax exemption also accords with Greenpeace’s demand for an end to fossil fuel subsidies. The Greenpeace definition of a fossil fuel subsidy includes fossil fuel tax breaks, like the exemption Delta receives.

Imagine if more states followed Georgia’s lead? Delta would soon have an irrefutable claim to be America’s climate leader of the skies, showing their incontrovertible commitment to reducing carbon emissions by paying more fuel tax per gallon than any other major airline.

Of course, other airlines would not want to be left behind. Delta’s competitors would quickly follow Delta’s courageous climate leadership, by demanding an end to their own fossil fuel tax exemptions. They would demand the right to demonstrate their solidarity with Delta’s high cost commitment to a low carbon future.

All too often, WUWT sadly has to report on the disagreements and conflicts which arise between participants in the climate debate, so I’m sure you will all appreciate the warm fuzzy feeling I get from writing about a win / win situation like this, in which everyone gets what they say they want.

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April 2, 2021 at 12:12PM