Speculative climate ‘lawfare’, a form of extortion via the courts, has overreached itself again and been declared out of scope. Any idea of weather control is an illusion.

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BRUSSELS — The European Union’s top court on Thursday rejected an effort by a Scandinavian youth group and families around the world to force the EU to set more ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, arguing that they were not “individually” affected by Europe’s climate policy, reports The Global Warming Policy Forum.

Those behind the initiative — including a Portuguese farmer, an Arctic indigenous activist and German islanders — expressed disappointment at the ruling, but also were determined to keep fighting for faster action against climate change.

Families from Kenya, Fiji, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Romania, along with the Swedish Sami Youth organization, launched the legal action in 2018.

They hoped to draw attention to the impact that climate policy had on individuals and those fighting for starving Arctic reindeer and other environmental issues.

The European General Court acknowledged that the plaintiffs are generally affected by climate change but rejected the case in 2019 on procedural grounds.

The families and youth group appealed to the European Court of Justice, or ECJ, the bloc’s top court.

The ECJ upheld the lower court’s decision Thursday, saying the plaintiffs “are not individually concerned” by the EU’s climate legislation so the case won’t be heard.

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March 26, 2021 at 09:27AM