In 2013, Barack Obama said “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.”

11:48 AM · May 16, 2013

And he linked to an invalid URL.

The American Meteorological Society did a survey of their professional members later that year, and found that only 52% believed global warming was mostly man-made, and they weren’t even asked if it was dangerous.

Meteorologists’ Views About Global Warming: A Survey of American Meteorological Society Professional Members in: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society Volume 95 Issue 7 (2014)

Never mind that Obama was lying. Any American who disagreed with him was a member of the Flat Earth Society, and didn’t get a voice in how Obama’s monarchy governed.

12:34 PM · Jun 25, 2013

via Real Climate Science

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