Fake Hurricane News Exposed: Average Day Of First Hurricane Formation “Contrary To Media Reports”

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By P Gosselin on 20. March 2021Share this…

Lazy, uncritical media again fail to adequately examine data to produce misleading “news”

Tropical storm expert Dr. Ryan Maue analyzed data on whether or not climate change was leading the first named hurricane occurring to be earlier and earlier each year, thus meaning a longer hurricane season, as the media have recently claimed.

Media falsehoods exposed again

Maue wrote: “Turns out contrary to media reports today, the average first day of hurricane formation has become LATER on average almost 12-days comparing 1950-1970 to 2000-2020.”

At Twitter Dr. Maue posted the following chart going back to 1950:

Chart: Dr. Ryan Maue

As the chart shows, the first named hurricane has in fact been tending to occur a bit later, and not earlier. Rather than tending to start in July as they did in the 1950s, today they are tending to start in early August.

Media trick of starting at 1980

Relying on results produced by the trick of starting in 1980, the media reported an earlier and earlier start date, Maue points out.

Chart: Dr. Ryan Maue

We know that CO2 emissions rose from 1950 to 1990, and so applying alarmist CO2 theory, the first named hurricane would be expected to occur earlier and earlier in the year. But instead it trended to start later and later during the 1950 to 1990 period, meaning it has little or nothing to do with CO2.

“Artificially inflated”

Overall Maue called the “fixation on ‘named storms’ and lengthening the season” a “waste of time.” He notes that the data for the first hurricane is “highly variable data” and that there has been “no significant trend — 2 days down over past 20-years.”

He sums up: “The whole ‘named storms’ trends is artificially inflated w/o a meaningful connection to climate change.”

Washington Post’s earlier “massive error”

This reminds us of how last year the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post published another alarmism-fraught article on how there supposedly was a “slower decay of landfalling hurricanes in a warming world.” Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. responded saying that there was a “massive error” in the Nature paper, which the Washington Post had uncritically cited.

“Says it shows hurricanes decaying slower over land post-landfall (more damaging). But they forgot to remove storms that landfall & then go back over the ocean,” Pielke

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