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‘Green’ Killing Machines: Eagle Slaughtering 50-60m Wind Turbine Blades Perfect Apex Predator

Those running ‘interference’ for the wind industry claim wind turbines couldn’t harm a fly, let alone kill birds of any consequence. Apparently having no experience of apex predators like Eagles, Kites, Hawks and Falcons, the wind cultist/apologist/propagandist asserts that more birds are killed by flying into windows or being struck by cars, than their beloved wind turbines.

They need to run the line because the truth about the wind industry’s daily bird and bat carnage might undo their well-paid efforts to beguile the gullible into believing that wind turbines truly are a solution to planet’s woes.

Victims of that very kind of wind industry ‘PR’ effort, the current crop of well-fed and poorly educated teens raging against the evil patriarchy and its grand conspiracy to cook the planet, and demanding immediate ‘climate action’ – code for carpeting the planet in windmills and solar panels – either have no idea about the carnage caused by these things, or they couldn’t care less.

Cars, cats and skyscrapers don’t kill Kites, Hawks, Falcons or Eagles – like the critically endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle, but 60m wind turbine blades with their tips travelling at 350Kph routinely smash them out of existence.

Millions of tonnes of beneficial bugs get splattered annually, along with millions of birds and bats, some of them being among the last of their kind.

Oh, so clean, oh so green.

Meanwhile, here’s another Eagle kill to add to the tally.

Tracked sea eagle dies in fatal collision with wind turbine
NL Times
28 February 2021

A sea eagle that was tagged in De Biesbosch in Zuid-Holland did not survive a collision with the rotor of a wind turbine in Germany. In 2019, the bird, together with ten others, was given a tag to track their behavior and learn more about the areas where sea eagles go and how they survive. The dead sea eagle is the first death in this group, nature website Nature Today reports on Sunday.

According to a report on sea eagles in Flevoland, 20 percent of the time, the birds fly in the “height zone” of average windmill turbines. The rest of the time, they fly above or below.

The Dutch breeding population of sea eagles is still small but is increasing. With an increase in both the number of wind turbines and the number of sea eagles in Germany and the Netherlands, more and more sea eagles will be killed by wind turbines, according to Nature Today.

In Germany, a total of 158 dead sea eagles were found between 2002 and 2019 as victims of a collision with a wind turbine. More “turbine casualties” were also reported in other countries in Northern and Eastern Europe. According to Nature Today, two cases have been known so far in the Netherlands, in Flevoland.

The sea eagle wearing the transmitter from De Biesbosch flew above Bremerhaven in the morning of February 24 and ended up in a wind farm when it started to descend. She managed to get between two windmills, but the third was fatal.
NL Times


March 20, 2021 at 01:32AM

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