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Global cool-down. 2m-temperature-deviation in March 2021 cut in half compared to a year earlier.

Source: Karsten Haustein.

Global “Rahmstorf warming” continues in March 2021. Like January and February,March 2021 has so far been significantly colder than the same month last year. In the NCEP analysis up to 17 March 2021 and in the forecast up to 24 March 2021, the deviations in the global 2m temperatures of 0.32°C are more than -0.3°C lower than in March 2020, which saw +0.65°C.0.38°C colder than a year earlier.

Especially on the still wintry NH there has been a real crash, for example over the land masses in Eurasia, while on the still summery SH the oceans are significantly cooler than in the same month last year. So far, 2021 is 0.38°C colder than the previous year.

The data were also “adjusted” (falsified) with the warming NASA/GISS factor and are significantly lower in unadulterated reality. La Niña continues to greet us.

Polar sea ice extent stable

On another note, as of March 15, 2021, the global sea ice area remains in the middle of the 30-year mean area – thus there’s no hint of continued global warming.

Source: Sunshine Hours.

Standard deviation (grey area) from the 30-year average 1981-2010. There is no sign of “global warming”, which has been called “climate change” since its disappearance.

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March 17, 2021 at 12:59PM