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A Government cave-in to the climate obsessives, with the writer of the BBC report below well to the fore, looks inevitable now.
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A public inquiry has been announced into plans for the first new deep coal mine in the UK for decades, reports BBC News.

The government had previously decided not to intervene on the project near Whitehaven in Cumbria, which was in the hands of local officials.

But ministers have taken control because of “increased” controversy.

Green campaigners say the mine will increase carbon emissions and send the wrong signal in the run-up to a UK-hosted climate conference in October.

The Woodhouse Colliery would extract coking coal for the steel industry from the seabed off St Bees, with a processing plant on the former Marchon site at Kells.

Cumbria County councillors gave it the go-ahead last March – but have since decided to review the application.

Last month it was reported that the government’s climate tsar, Alok Sharma, was apoplectic the plans for the coal mine had not been stopped.

Mr Sharma, who is in charge of preparations for the COP26 UN climate conference, has faced calls to resign over the issue.

He told MPs only last month that the mine was a “local issue” and would be decided by the council.

But the government has now decided to “call in” the application, meaning Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick will get the final say over it.

‘Cloud cuckoo land’

However a public inquiry will first be held by the Planning Inspectorate, which reviews nationally significant projects.

In a letter to Cumbria County Council, Mr Jenrick said the application had raised issues of “more than local importance”.

MP Trudy Harrison, whose Copeland constituency would include the mine, is a ministerial aide to Boris Johnson and has described opponents of the mine as being in “cloud cuckoo land”.

Ms Harrison has yet to comment on the decision to hold an inquiry, but the Tory MP for nearby Workington, Mark Jenkinson, said his disappointment “cannot be understated”.

He said it represented “a capitulation to climate alarmists” and was a “complete reversal of the position taken just eight weeks ago”.

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March 12, 2021 at 05:00AM