By Paul Homewood


This really does show how Roger Harrabin’s mind works!

If inconvenient facts emerge, well why not just ignore them!

He talks  about “imponderable damage”, yet even this English Lit graduate surely realises that zeroing Britain’s tiny contribution to world emissions will not make the slightest difference to the UK’s climate.

Rabbiting on about the future economy is in any case an utter red herring. He must know that in the short term, by which I mean the next decade or so, the costs of moving towards net zero will be crippling for ordinary people. Electric cars, for instance, cost many thousands more than proper cars, as well as being impractical for most drivers. Heat pumps and home insulation will also be unaffordable for most families.

And there is no doubt at all that the process of making hydrogen is intrinsically more expensive than directly using the energy required in the first place. Carbon capture too is a wasteful and expensive process.

And that is before we look at the already obscene subsidies paid to renewable energy, which will inexorably rise in coming years, not to mention the mammoth cost of rewiring Britain’s  electricity distribution newtworks.

The reality is that the cost of this policy is so high that nobody can possibly estimate it. But what we do know is that the country cannot afford it. Harrabin’s red herrings suggest he knows too.


March 9, 2021 at 03:48PM