By Paul Homewood


h/t Joe Public:

Pots and Kettles?

This from Roger Harrabin, whose idea of impartiality is to ask Greenpeace!

And his latest piece sums up just how biased he is:

The government has been hit by a double whammy of reports from MPs criticising its performance on climate change.

The influential Public Accounts Committee (PAC) says ministers have “no plan” to meet climate change targets, two years after setting them in law.

And the business committee says the vital UN climate conference scheduled for Glasgow in November will fail unless its goals are made clear.

The government says both reports are inaccurate and unfair.

The PAC’s report says ministers still don’t have a coordinated strategy to realise the goal of removing almost all the carbon emissions from Britain by 2050.

As well as giving the chairman of the PAC, Labour MP Meg Hillier, space for a long anti govt rant, there is also a long critical comment by his ex BBC buddy, Richard Black, of the left wing ECIU, the body financed by left wing foundations to promote alarmism and misinform the public.

There is also space given to Nick Mabey, another alarmist. In contrast, the government is allowed just two sentences, which state the unalterable truth, that the UK is world leading in reducing emissions. As Harrabin’s tweet above proves, he is dismissive of this fact.

If Harrabin is truly interested in impartiality, he could start by reporting on yesterday’s news that Net Zero will cost Britain £1.3 trillion. Try as I might to find it, there appears to be no mention of this rather important fact anywhere on the BBC.

He could also give us an analysis of how poorly other countries are doing in cutting emissions, or that China’s new 5-Year Plan will actually lead to another rise in emissions.

Or maybe he could explain to the PAC that it is impossible, and absurd, to set a plan now for what we should be doing in 2050, because technology changes all the time. That is why the Committee on Climate Change sets 5-year carbon budgets, with the latest recently published for 2033-37.

The UK is already well on course to meet this budget, something Harrabin forgot to mention.

As we have long known, Harrabin does not care about the truth, and has two prime objectives instead:

1) To attack the government at every opportunity.

2) To do all he can to force the UK down the path of a suicidal Net Zero policy as quickly as possible, regardless of the cost to the public.


March 6, 2021 at 12:00PM