Will Gummer Ban International Food?

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By Paul Homewood

In our glorious meat and dairy free future, just what will we be eating?

Our betters want us to stop eating red meat and dairy because of the impact on climate change. But what about all of the fruit and veg that comes half way round the world before it hits our tables? The carbon footprint of all of those air flights must surely be just as great as our roast lamb and sirloin steaks.

A quick look through our larder how just international our foods are:

Blackberries – Guatemala

Blueberries – Chile

Tomatoes – Morocco

Cherry Tomatoes – Spain

Grapes – S Africa

Bananas – Don’t know, but it sure ain’t Yorkshire!

Coffee – Sumatra

Tea – Kenya

Spinach – Italy

Prawns – SW Atlantic

Apples – Italy

Pineapple – Costa Rica

Oranges – Spain

Sweet Potato – USA

Lettuce – Spain

Carrots – Kenya

Baby Corns – India

Tuna  – Ecuador

Peaches – Chile

Broccoli – Spain

Asparagus – Mexico

Indeed it is hard to find anything at this time of year which is grown in Britain, other potatoes, turnips and a few other vegetables. Whatever else is available has probably been sat in cold storage for months or grown in greenhouses.

Will Mr Gummer ban all of these foods as well? Will we all have to resort to tinned and frozen foods? And what about the effect on the economies of the many developing countries who rely on selling their crops to us?

Who knows, there might be a vegan uprising!

What do we want? Mung beans!!

When do we want them? Now!!



March 4, 2021 at 11:18AM