Renewable energy rent seekers and their propagandists are diligent in their efforts to hide the true costs of wind power from the punters. Their smoke and mirrors ‘accounting’ religiously ignores the cost of providing power from a meaningful source, whenever calm weather sets in. And their ‘wind power is cheapest of all’ claims always gloss over the fact that, for every MW of unreliable wind power hooked to the grid, there has to be another MW instantly available from a reliable, dispatchable source somewhere in the system.

Where the true cost of onshore wind power is phenomenal, the cost of the offshore stuff is astronomical. But that’s to compare a pair of energy lemons.

A MW of intermittent offshore wind power capacity costs up to 17 times the cost of a thoroughly reliable MW of gas-fired power generation. And, whereas, the latter is available around-the-clock, the former is available when Mother Nature deems fit. And she tends to be a temperamental, old cow.

Paul Homewood homes in on the numbers below.

What Does Offshore Wind Power Really Cost?
Not a Lot of People Know That
Paul Homewood
7 February  2021
By Paul Homewood

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, we keep being assured that offshore wind costs have tumbled to under £50/MWh.

The US Energy Information Administration however don’t agree. They regularly assess the levelised costs of all power sources, and only a year ago calculated that the cost of offshore wind was $115.04/MWh, roughly £84/MWh, at current prices.

Their figure does include transmission costs of $3.15, so excluding this we are looking at £82/MWh.


You cannot of course simply compare generation costs, which the EIA have done, as there are associated system costs involved, as BEIS explain:


As Table 7.1 shows, these hidden costs could range between £15 and £35/MWh for offshore wind. By contrast, CCGT actually results in lower wider system costs (note the levelised cost of £82/MWh for CCGT includes a fake carbon cost of £32/MWh).

Adding these extra system costs onto the US costings will take the true cost of offshore wind power to £100/MWh or more.
Not a Lot of People Know That


March 4, 2021 at 12:34AM