21 Perversions Inflicted by Wokeness

The list is provided by Gad Saad in his article and video Welcome To The Abyss of Infinite Lunacy.  Psychologist and author of “The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense,” Gad Saad, warns that society is descending into an abyss of ultimate lunacy. Text in italics with my bolds.

GAD SAAD: The rate at which our society is tumbling into madness is truly bewildering.

One, it is now racist for a white person to translate the work of a black person.

Two, it is now homophobic for a straight actor to play a gay role.

Three, it is now racist for a white therapist to treat a black client.

Four, it is now racist to have advanced high school programs.

Five, it is now transphobic for biological females to reject having to compete against trans women.

Six, it is now Islamophobic to criticize any tenets of Islam.

Seven, it is now science denialism to question the ongoing COVID lockdowns.

Eight, it is now science denialism to question any tenet stemming from climate change alarmists.

Nine, it is now epistemological bigotry, yes I coined that term, to support the scientific method as the means by which you adjudicate scientific hypothesis.

Ten, it is now racist to argue that mathematics yields right and wrong answers.

Eleven, it is now racist to promote the ethos of individual dignity over collectivist identity politics.

Twelve, it is now racist to question a noble person of color, be it a famous athlete or celebrity.

Thirteen, it is now transphobic to posit that only women menstruate.

Fourteen, it is now racist to publicly proclaim your support for “wrongthink” black individuals such as Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder.

Fifteen, it is now misogynist to note that women greatly outnumber men in universities.

Sixteen, it is now sexist to publish scientific research that yields sex differences that are contrary to accepted politically correct Orthodoxy.

Seventeen, it is now racist to point to FBI murder stats broken down by inter-racial markers.

Eighteen, it is now racist to openly support national borders.

Nineteen, it is now racist to seek to curb immigration from countries whose values are anti-liberal.

Twenty, it is now racist to not decolonize philosophy and literature departments.

Twenty-one, it is now racist to request that job offers be based on the merits of an individual rather than their immutable traits.

via Science Matters


March 2, 2021 at 02:14PM