by Judith Curry

A round up of some insightful articles on the TX blackout

I originally planned on doing a post on TX, but no time.  Here are links to some of the more interesting articles that I flagged.


David Gold: The week the south froze [link]

WaPo:  TX cold snap was not unprecedented and it was inexcusable to be unprepared [link]

Intense winter weather will still happen in a warming world, [link]

Weakened evidence for mid-latitude impacts of Arctic warming [link]

What went wrong

Events as they unfolded [link]

Utility dive: The coupled Texas energy, water, public health and inequity crisis [link]  The TX blackout blame game [link]

Power companies get exactly what they want [link]

Wood Mackenzie: Breaking down the TX winter blackouts [link]

How TX’s drive for energy independence set it up for disaster [link]

Bill Gates: Weatherized energy plants could’ve prevented deaths in TX winter freeze [link]

The TX grid: Why the power grid failed [link]

Impacts of the outage [link]

The TX blackout is the story of a disaster foretold [link]

Cold truth: the TX freeze is a catastrophe of the free market [link]

TX failed because it did not plan [link]

Texans in the midst of another avoidable catastrophe [link]

One other interesting tidbit about the Texan winter storm apocalypse that I didn’t know about is that how “hand-to-mouth” the gas production and consumption is in Texas.…


The nation’s life-sustaining electrical grid is stumbling into a risk-strewn, low-carbon transformation with inadequate plans, systems and policies in place, a congressionally established expert committee warned yesterday. [link]

We dont realize how fragile the basic infrastructure of our civilization is [link]

A collection of papers on the causes and consequences of power outages [link]

Why TX Republicans fear the Green New Deal [link]

The lessons of the TX power disaster [link]

TX Electric Grid Reliability [link]

Insights into TX culture: TX mayor resigns after telling residents ‘Only the strong will survive’ [link]

TX energy crisis didn’t come out of nowhere: it took decades of deregulation to make it happen [link]

A plan to future-proof the TX power grid [link]

Pielke Jr:  The TX blackout and preparing for the past [link]

This blizzard exposes the perils of attempting to electrify everything [link]

Climate change means trouble for power grids [link]

TX energy crisis is America’s future [link]

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February 28, 2021 at 05:36PM