By Paul Homewood

They are really taking the piss now, and are doing it quite unashamedly:


Baroness Brown

The Deputy Chair of the Climate Change Committee (CCC), Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Professor Dame Julia King DBE FREng FRS, is to step down from her role at the end of February following more than 12 years of service.

The announcement comes ahead of Baroness Brown’s expected appointment to the Board of the Danish renewable energy company Ørsted in March.

Baroness Brown will continue as Chair of the CCC’s Adaptation Committee, which assesses the risks facing the UK from climate change and how well the country is preparing for them.

Orsted are of course the company formerly known as DONG, the Danish company that has made billions out of wind farms, courtesy of the UK tax payer.

In any normal world, this disreputable arrangement would be a scandal of the highest proportion. Just as with her boss John Gummer’s dodgy arrangements, the establishment will turn a blind eye, while Joe Public pays the price.


February 28, 2021 at 04:18PM