Do we really want an ever more tyrannical government?

For many residents of Amsterdam, the German invasion of May 10, 1940, came as a shock.

“We were trapped,” said Lena Herzfeld, “along with one hundred and forty thousand other Dutch Jews.”

“Unlike France and Belgium, which were placed under German military control, Hitler decided that the Netherlands would be run by a civilian administration,” writes Daniel Silva in The Rembrandt Affair. “He gave the job to Reichskommissar Arthur Seyss-Inquart, a fanatical anti-Semite who had presided over Austria after the Anschluss in 1938.”

“Within days the decrees began. At first, a benign-sounding order forbade Jews from serving as air-raid wardens. Then Jews were ordered to leave the Hague, Holland’s capital, and to move from sensitive coastal areas. In September, all Jewish newspapers were banned. In November, all Jews employed by the Dutch civil service, including those who worked in the educational and telephone systems, were summarily dismissed. Then, in January 1941, came the most ominous Nazi decree to date. All Jews residing in Holland were given four weeks to register with the Dutch census office. Those who refused were threatened with prison and faced consfiscation of their property.

“The census provided the Germans with a map showing the name, address, age, and sex of nearly every Jew in Holland.

“We foolishly gave them the keys to our destruction.”


I quote the above passage from The Rembrandt Affair to show you just how insidious the very thought of a bill such as HR 127 can be. Allow such a Nazi-like bill to pass, and a cascade of new Fascist orders is bound to ensue.

To own a gun, you would first need to pass a background check. (If you believe in freedom, or have ever attended a freedom rally, would you be allowed to pass such a background check?)

Then you would need to pass a psych evaluation. (Since I don’t believe in the global warming hoax, would I pass a psych evaluation? What about you? What other politically incorrect attitudes could be used against you?)

Then you would be required to pay -, who knows how much? – for 24 hours of training.

Then you would be required to purchase an insurance policy issued by a government agency at a cost of $800 per year. (What reasons could they manufacture to render you uninsurable? What’s to keep them from doubling the cost of the insurance any time they like?)

What will happen if you violate this blatant attempt at fascist control?  A minimum – minimum! – fine of $50,000 and, get this, 10-15 years minimum in jail.

This is insane and completely violates our 2nd amendment.  We need to completely annihilate this bill!

Yes, the above is exactly what the bill proposes.

You can see the proposed bill in all its gobbledygook glory for yourself right here:

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February 28, 2021 at 12:05PM