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h/t Breitbart; The World Economic Forum released a video, hastily withdrawn, which celebrated the quiet and orderliness of cities whose factories and people were silenced by harsh Covid lockdowns. WEF hosts the famous annual Davos event, where the world’s elite meet every year to discuss common interests.

I’ve taken a copy of the video below, just in case the original tweet is censored by twitter;

From Breitbart;

The WEF, which the primary body pushing Klaus Schwab’s idea of a so-called ‘Great Reset’ of the global economic order, was widely ridiculed for the post, including by former Brexit Party MEP turned political commentator Martin Daubney, who was among the first to flag the video before it was taken down. Daubney later reposted the video, further exposing the WEF to criticism.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Mr Daubney said: “I’m glad they tweeted this — because it has exposed them for the out of touch crackpots that they are. The WEF sees humanity as a blight, something to be controlled and imprisoned, in order to meet arbitrary climate change targets.

“There’s just one problem, the public won’t play along with their Great Reset nonsense. All of the things the WEF want to stop: work, travel, capitalism, are the things the vast majority of humanity lives for. The WEF have exposed themselves as ridiculously out of touch with the everyday man and woman. Sheltered in their ivory towers, they treat the rest of us with absolute seething contempt.”

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A former school friend once explained what he didn’t like about capitalism was that it was so unstructured. He told me the parable of the garden, comparing the disorderly, weed infested capitalist garden with the eco-friendly socialist garden, with everything in its place, neat orderly rows of vegetables, where any weeds are uprooted and disposed of.

My reply was “Yes, but in your example, ordinary people are the weeds. You are suggesting anyone who doesn’t fit in perfectly with your structured view of society will be uprooted and disposed of, for the crime of not being a perfect fit”.

Did I mention we are no longer friends? My former friend could not accept my opposition to climate action.

People like Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab frighten me, people who seem to think neatness, order and strong government are more important than happiness and freedom.

World Economic Forum founder and Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab was born in Germany in 1938.

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February 27, 2021 at 04:10PM