I think the federal government should be paying the outrageous power bills that Texans are now receiving as a result of this catastrophic bureaucratic blunder.

A week before the storm, Texas begged for help and asked for Department of Energy to lift federal regulations barring state’s energy output.

However, an Emergency Order from the Biden administration’s Department of Energy shows Texas energy grid operator ERCOT was instructed to stay within green energy standards by purchasing energy from outside the state at a higher cost. This throttled power output throughout the state ahead of the catastrophic polar vortex.

The order shows Acting Energy Secretary David Huizenga did not waive environmental restrictions to allow for maximum energy output. He instead ordered ERCOT to utilize all resources in order to stay within acceptable emissions standards – including purchasing energy from outside the state.

Here’s a link to that emergency order:

You’d need four attorneys to read the emergency order just so you could figure out what in the hell it says.

“ERCOT anticipates that this Order may result in exceedance of emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, and carbon monoxide emissions, as well as wastewater release limits,” the order states. “To minimize adverse environmental impacts, this Order limits operation of dispatched units to the times and within the parameters determined by ERCOT for reliability purposes.”

Resulted in huge HUGE price increases

Moreover, the order instructed an “incremental amount of restricted capacity” to be sold to ERCOT at “a price no lower than $1,500/MWh,” an increase of over 6,000 percent over February 2020 prices of $18.20.

On Wednesday, the Dallas Business Journal reported, “Electricity on the Texas grid has averaged about $1,137.33 per megawatt hour so far in February, up from $18.20 per megawatt hour in February 2020, according to data from the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas. That’s a jump of more than 6,000 percent.”

Days later, the Public Utility Commission of Texas set prices at $9,000/MWh.

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Meanwhile: Texans Had Previously Decided Not To Winterize Power Grid Because Of Global Warming

Texans believed a global warming report that claimed Texas would be 1.6 degrees warmer on average, and thus did not winterize the grid.

Texas Establishment Republicans blew off calls to address power grid vulnerabilities, and power providers didn’t do safety inspections because they were afraid of contracting COVID-19. Now, new information has come to light that the decision not to legally require power plants to winterize was based on reports given to the Texas legislature suggesting global warming was happening to such an extent that winterizing the system was unnecessary.

The report suggested that so much global warming was happening that the winterizing the systems would not necessary.

The State Climatologist predicts a reduction in winter weather through 2036 and says we will be 1.6 degrees warmer than in 2000-2018.

The report states that winters in the near future were expected to be “about 5.6°F warmer than the 1950-1999 average” and that a “decrease was expected” in winter weather.

But in reality this was not the case, as evidenced by weather reports and winter storm warnings from earlier this month:

I got the above info from this hit piece by Tony Ortiz dated 25 Feb 2021. (I call it a ‘hit piece’ because it tries to place all the blame on Texas Republicans instead of placing it squarely on the Federal government.)

REVEALED: Texas Republicans Decided Not To Winterize Power Grid Because Of Global Warming

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