Antarctica Has Been COOLING Over The Past Quarter Century, NASA’s Surface Station Data Show

NASA mean annual temperature data going back a quarter century show no warming over Antarctica

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

Where’s the warming and ice melt? Today we revisit 13 critical stations located on and around the Antarctic Peninsula.

They are important because alarmists like to tell and scare us that the ice mass on the Antarctic Peninsula is threatening to melt down – which would cause sea level to rise up to six meters globally- think of your suffering children and grandchildren.

To examine the trends at these crucial stations, we plot the data from NASA going back to 1996, i.e. a quarter century. The following map shows their respective station locations:

Figure 1: Map of plotted stations. Image: NASA.  

Six of six island stations cooling

First we examine six stations located on the South Orkney or South Shetland islands:

Data source: NASA GISS, Version 4 unadjusted. 

All six stations located on the South Orkney or South Shetland islands show a cooling trend when looking at the mean annual temperature since 1996. Here we see no signs of warming at all.

7 of 7 peninsula stations cooling

Next we plot the NASA mean annual temperature for seven stations located on the Antarctic Peninsula. Remember: alarmists like making the public think the sea ice there will melt and cause sea levels to rise some 6 meters – soon!

Data: NASA Version 4 unadjusted data

All seven stations at the Antarctic Peninsula show cooling, or no trend at all.

In total, that’s 13 of 13 stations showing a cooling trend since 1996 in that particular region. Where’s the warming?

No trend across Antarctica in three decades

Last year we looked at 19 stations scattered across Antarctica and found no unusual climate trends had taken place there over the past 31 years.

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February 26, 2021 at 10:05AM