“I think the global warming bull is criminal.”
– Joseph Kraig


Federal government complicit in Texas catastrophe

Joseph Kraig

I think the global warming bull is criminal. When we are unable to grow enough food to easily feed the world because of the cold, what will we do?

Texans, who often get cool temperatures in the winter, were hit with record lows (far below freezing temperatures) last week. Those record lows led to a surge of electricity usage. The windmills and snow-covered frozen solar cells could not produce electricity so the utilities had to rely on their coal fired generators.

That shouldn’t be a problem.

The coal-fired generators worked well and came online but were unable to supply the needed energy.

Why were they unable to supply the needed energy? Because the federal government has limited their use to well below capacity. The government would not issue a waiver to the limits of production unless the utilities charged $1500.00 per megawatt (about 15 times normal). Usual prices for a megawatt are between $90 and $130 retail in most of Texas.

Had the utility companies been able to use their plants at capacity there would have been no outages except for the possibility of some storm-downed lines.

The public will never be made aware of these facts because the Corporate mainstream media is complicit in trying to spread the global-cooling/carbon-disaster lie.

Americans need to look for the truth and stop acting like frogs swimming in the pot on the hot stove.


Electric cost:
.09 per Killowatt (1000 watts)
An incandescent 100-watt light bulb burning for 10 hours would consume 1000 watts or one killowatt. That equals $.09.

Burning a 100W incandescent bulb for 100 hours or 10000W then should cost 90 cents. Burning the same bulb for 1000 hours or 100000 watts or 100kw should cost $9. That represents one tenth of a megawatt. Multiply that again by 10 and you get a megawatt which should cost $90.00. This is what Biden wants the utility to charge a minimum of $1500.00 for.

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February 23, 2021 at 02:18PM