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More of the usual tedious arm-waving evidence-free rhetoric on climate. People deserve better.
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He attacked climate sceptics in a speech to the United Nations, blasting those who ‘say this is all green stuff from a bunch of tree-hugging tofu munchers and not suited to international …. politics’, reports the Daily Mail.

In the virtual address to the Security Council, as the UK chaired the body for the first time in 30 years, he drew a direct link between environmental change and terrorism.

He warned that those displaced when their homes became unlivable were easy prey for extremists in refugee camps.

After presenting a speech from Sir David Attenborough, the PM told assembled heads of state: ‘If this council is going to succeed in maintaining peace and security worldwide then it has got to galvanise the whole range of UN agencies and organisations into a swift and effective response.

‘When are we going to do something if we don’t act now when changing sea levels are affecting navigation around our coasts or when huddled masses fleeing drought or wildfire or conflict over resources arrive at our borders?’

Mr Johnson’s fiancee Ms Symonds is well known as an environmental campaigner. In January she began a new job as head of communications for the Aspinall Foundation.

Their relationship has been credited with influencing his declarations about ‘building a green recovery’ after the Covid pandemic by striking agreements on cutting carbon emissions and boosting renewable technologies.

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February 24, 2021 at 04:00AM