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John Kerry has repeated his claim the upcoming COP26 talks have to produce results. Remarkably Kerry also criticised China’s efforts. It will be interesting to see how public criticism of China works out at this year’s climate talks.

US rejoins Paris climate accord with warning: this year’s talks are ‘last, best hope’

John Kerry made remark as US officially returned to climate agreement on Friday, 107 days after it left under Donald Trump

Oliver Milman
Sat 20 Feb 2021 03.46 AEDT

The US has marked its return to the Paris agreement by urging countries to do more to confront the climate crisis, with America’s climate envoy, John Kerry, warning that international talks this year are the “last, best hope” of avoiding catastrophic global heating.

“This is a significant day, a day that never had to happen,” Kerry said to Al Gore, the former US vice-president, in a conversation filmed on the eve of the re-entry. “It’s so sad that our previous president without any scientific basis or any legitimate economic rationale decided to pull America out. It hurt us and it hurt the world.”

Kerry said that none of the world’s major emitters, including China, India and the EU, are doing enough and that key UN climate talks later this year in Glasgow, Scotland, provide the “last, best hope we have” to get the world on track to avoid runaway climate change.

“The meeting in Glasgow rises in its importance,” said Kerry, a former US secretary of state. “We are at this most critical moment where we have the capacity to define the decade of the 20s which will make or break us to get to net zero carbon in 2050.” Kerry said that countries will have to “define in real terms their roadmap for the next 10 years, the next 30 years. We are talking about a reality we haven’t been able to assemble in these meetings so far.”

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With his repeated last chance claims, John Kerry has added his name to the hilarious and very long list of last chances to save the world from climate change. The list stretches all the way back to the 1980s, so clearly some of the last chance claims were a little exaggerated.

For someone who claims to worry about climate change, John Kerry certainly made a credible effort to single handedly cause climate change under President Obama.

In his last year in office under Obama, John Kerry admitted he had travelled 1.06 million miles over the course of three years, flying around, trying to save the world from the carbon monster.

Perhaps someone should introduce Kerry to the concept of teleconferencing, before he personally wrecks the planet with his diplomatic excesses.

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February 20, 2021 at 08:01PM