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As we previously reported on the ice-storm Texas frozen wind power – outages ensue, electricity now at unheard of $9000 per megawatt-hour I have friends in Texas that are reporting dire conditions thanks to the “green energy” grid failing to produce enough power. One friend and her husband are trapped in Austin, TX and have received this letter from the hotel they are staying at – it’s mind-blowing. She says in a Facebook post:

“Our hotel is out of food, electricity, water and is giving us glow sticks for light. We’re here until the weekend in below freezing weather.”

In the most energy-rich state in the nation, they can’t keep the lights on, the heat on, or deliver food. The hotel is as the mercy of the elements, without even a backup generator.

I have other friends who have been without power for days. My friend Sterling writes about his buffalo hide coming to the rescue:

Green energy induced rolling blackouts Texas style. Inside temperature 45 degrees. Power: 5 to 7 hours off, no more than 1 1/2 hour on. Living under blankets. Thank God, I hunted a buffalo and had a blanket made of its hide. Had it for 14 years, never needed to use it until now.

Thanks wind power and renewable energy!

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February 16, 2021 at 10:11PM