Indian Greta Thunberg Follower Arrested for Sedition and Criminal Conspiracy

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t goldminor; At the start of February, Greta Thunberg accidentally shared a private climate activist toolkit. The leaked document provoked fury in India, with authorities claiming the toolkit document was a plan for destabilising the Indian government. Now India has charged an Indian Greta supporter with sedition and criminal conspiracy in relation to Greta’s carelessly leaked document.

Who is Disha Ravi? Here’s how the 22-yr-old activist is linked to Greta Thunberg

The police have alleged that Disha Ravi was the one who shared the toolkit document with Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

By | Written by Kanishka Sarkar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

The Delhi Police have arrested 22-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi for allegedly sharing the toolkit related to the farmers’ protests against Centre’s agricultural laws on social media. Ravi was arrested by the cyber crime unit of Delhi Police from her home in North Bengaluru on Saturday.

The police have alleged that Ravi was the one who shared the toolkit document with Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and that she is a key conspirator in the formulation and dissemination of the document that “indicates a copycat execution of a conspiracy behind the January 26 violence.” The Delhi Police said in a tweet, “She started WhatsApp Group & collaborated to make the Toolkit doc. She worked closely with them to draft the Doc.”

Another tweet said, “In this process, they all collaborated with pro Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation to spread disaffection against the Indian State.”

They added that Ravi later asked Greta to remove the main document after its incriminating details accidentally got into the public domain. “This is many times more than the 2 lines editing that she claims,” the Delhi Police wrote on Twitter.

What has Disha Ravi been booked for?

Ravi has been booked for sedition, promoting enmity and criminal conspiracy over her alleged involvement in the ‘toolkit’ being investigated by the Delhi Police. A court on Sunday remanded the activist to five days in police custody.

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This dumbo kid made the biggest blunder for left pimps… attached the confidential document of international plan to systematically unstable India … sab Pappu ek he team mein hain ha ha ha … bunch of jokersQuote Tweet

Swati Goel Sharma@swati_gs · Feb 3.@GretaThunberg (accidentally?) just shared a document on details of Jan 26 protests and upcoming online and street protests. Soon, the documented was restricted. Now the tweet has been deleted (I saved it). But incredible.Show this thread4:47 PM · Feb 3, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

The Indian response to the leaked Greta social toolkit document was heated.

The Indian government has taken a very dim view of Greta Thunberg’s attempt to meddle in their affairs. The Greta document makes strong allegations against the Indian state, describing the ruling conservative Indian BJP Party as fascistic, and accusing India of retreating from democracy.

The current BJP leader Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister since 2014, is a Trump like figure, with a loyal, committed base. He was elected in 2014 on the basis of his spectacular reforms to the economy of the Indian state of Gujarat. But Modi’s market oriented economic reforms and rapid dismantling of India’s old moribund command economy structures has disrupted the lives of people who were comfortable under the old system. It is these simmering resentments which the Greta document appears to target.

Note that Greta deleted the original document before I could obtain a direct copy, so this is second hand copy.

One interesting outcome of this affair, after years of geopolitical tension, India and China finally agree on something; they both don’t like Greta Thunberg.

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February 15, 2021 at 04:22PM