Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon, The Gateway Pundit; Be very careful what your kids watch. The first few minutes of the following educational children’s video seems harmless enough. But then it slowly morphs into radical green propaganda for children, comparing climate entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Elon Musk are as important as superheroes, the benefits of green communism, and how wonderful it would be for all the cute animals if humans disappeared (though they would miss the free food).

If you want to skip forward after watching the first few seconds, Bill Gates appears at 3.29, Elon Musk at 4:49. “What if humans disappeared?” 8:49. Solar panels 9:55, 11:07 Psychic powers, 14:27 Green Communism. Barf bag recommended.

The YouTube channel about page claims We try our level best to create highly creative and refreshing videos of Science. AumSum seems to be a very popular children’s educational channel, YouTube states all the videos on the channel have been viewed a total of 596,149,611 times since the channel was created in 2014. There is more information about the channel on a fan site.

Why watch such a video in its entirety? Because if you only watched the first few minutes, you would have no idea how polarised the rest of the video is. Going by the channel views, millions of parents trust AumSum, they sit their kids down in front of an AumSum every week, likely thinking the kids are watching harmless, thought provoking educational cartoons.

The main takeaway for me – always watch children’s educational videos right to the end, before you expose your kids to them, or sit down and watch with your kids with your finger poised over the pause button. Because otherwise you have no idea what kind of ideas the the educational videos your kids are watching might attempt to plant in their impressionable little minds.

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February 14, 2021 at 08:58PM