This post looks at a good article from Bjorn Lomborg, who accepts that climate change is a problem, albeit a minor one. 
Here is an interesting excerpt:

„Most rich countries now promise to go carbon-neutral by mid-century. Shockingly, only one country has made a serious, independent estimate of the cost: New Zealand found it would optimistically cost 16 percent of its GDP by then, equivalent to the entire current New Zealand budget.“
Of course we know why this is. The UK is among those trying to hide the shocking truth. We will shortly see if they continue to do so when the deadline for appealing against the decision of the Information Commissioner comes up in a week’s time. See my post here: climate science: GOVERNMENT DESPERATE TO CONCEAL THE TRUE COST OF NET ZERO POLICY

Are you, like me, wondering when the Treasury will be complying with the Information Commissioner’s decision requiring them to publish the calculations leading to the £ TRILLIONfigure for the cost of reaching net zero emissions. You can read the lengthy judgement of the request here . It appears there is still some time to wait before the information is released as they have up to 35 days from the decision (made on 20 January). This takes us to 24 February. However if HM Treasury were to appeal, and given how hard they fought to prevent this decision I would not rule it out, they could appeal up to 20 days from the decision (up to 17 February) and then there would be a few more months leading to another decision.

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February 14, 2021 at 08:02PM