Most Biased Push-Poll in History Claims Westerners Fear Climate Change

A Colorado College poll is prominently in the news today, with the poll claiming strong and growing concern about climate change among folks in the American West. In reality, the Colorado College poll is perhaps the most biased and misleading push-poll in history, with pollsters sampling more than twice as many Democrats as Republicans, and more than twice as many Biden voters than Trump voters – in the conservative Intermountain West. In short, the biased survey is not worth the paper it is printed on.

The corporate media are enthusiastically promoting the biased survey in the news this morning. Google News, for example, is promoting among its top search results for “climate change” an article in today’s Missoulian titled, “Poll: Westerners believe climate change growing threat.”

The Missoulian article uncritically reports on the biased poll. Quoting an activist at Colorado College promoting the push-poll, the Missoulian reports:

“We are seeing strong voter concern for nature, which is translating into calls for bold action on public lands in the West,” said Katrina Miller-Stevens, director of the State of the Rockies Project and an assistant professor at Colorado College. “If federal and state policy leaders are looking for direction on public lands, the view from the West is clear.”

The most compelling question in the poll that would seem to support substantial Western voter concern about climate change asks how serious a problem climate change is in the respondent’s state. According to the poll, 51% of people in the Intermountain West (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming) believe climate change is an “extremely serious” or “very serious” problem, versus 26% who believe it is “not a problem” and 23% who believe it is merely a “somewhat serious” problem.

That sounds fairly compelling – until you look at who was surveyed in the poll. Keeping in mind that all of the polled states are either politically purple or red, the poll tabs showed 58% of respondents reported they voted for Joe Biden, versus only 25% who voted for Donald Trump. Similarly, 50% of poll respondents self-identified as Democrat, while only 19% self-identified as Republican.

For these heavily Democrat/Biden-biased cross-tabs to accurately reflect the political views of respondents, the poll would have had to be taken in California or New York. But it wasn’t. The poll – and uncritical media coverage of the poll – asserts that the results accurately reflect how people in the Intermountain West view climate change. Sorry, but there is no way that Democrats and Biden supporters outnumber Republicans and Trump supporters by more than a 2-to-1 margin in the politically conservative Intermountain West. And there is no way that such a sampling bias accurately represents what Intermountain Westerners feel about climate change.

And really, how do you even come up with a sampling in the Intermountain West that includes more than twice as many Democrats and Biden voters than Republicans and Trump voters? Somebody had to work very, very hard to identify and contact such a biased sampling group in conservative political country.

Ultimately, the truly newsworthy takeaway from the poll is that, even when oversampling Democrats and Biden supporters by more than a 2-to-1 margin, only half of poll respondents are very concerned about climate change. That is the real news of the survey. Everything else is misleading, agenda-driven trash and proverbial fake news.

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