A group calling itself the Global 100% RE Strategy Group has just made a press release for a 10 point joint declaration. It has seven main signers which, of course, includes Mark Jacobson of Stanford. The other six and there main affiliations are:

Prof. Andrew Blakers (Australian National University)
Hans-Josef Fell (Energy Watch Group)
Prof. Brian Vad Mathiesen (Aalborg University)
Prof. Eicke Weber (ESMC, CBC, UC Berkeley em.)
Prof. Christian Breyer (LUT University)
Tony Seba (RethinkX)

The gist of these ten points is number two where they propose transforming the worlds energy system to 100% renewable by 2030-2035. In the press release they point out that 2030 is for electricity and 2035 is for the other sectors. I’m getting erratic behavior trying to copy and paste from these PDFs which is a pity, because ridicule can not do them justice. Besides being beyond delusional, they’re horribly organized. They’re not very long so IMO they’re worth the amusement. They remind me of a post by Geoff from 2017 entitled, Conversation in a Straight Jacket.

The declaration has a few dozen other co-signers that includes Michael E. himself:

Another name I recognize is Benjamin K. Sovacool. He once published a report that claimed nuclear plants kill more birds than wind farms. It got dissected at Atomic Insights. He more recently did a study for Nature Energy claiming nuclear power did not lower a country’s GHG emissions as much as renewables. It was found to misrepresent energy poverty

I wonder if any or how much of this effort is being financed by Jeff Bezo’s $43 million gift to Jacobson’s spreadsheet jockeys at the Solutions Project. You’d think he could’ve just bought them all new MacBook pros.

The only good I can see coming from this is some actual scrutiny of this madness. I suspect my trouble copying and pasting is due to preemptive measures on their part.

via Climate Scepticism


February 9, 2021 at 10:42PM