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Not quite the snow storm in Delhi scene out of “The Day After Tomorrow”, but notably cooler temperatures in regions which are normally intensely tropical, prompting the climate explainers to leap into damage control.

Is Singapore’s pleasant chill a hint of coming climate change?

In a region usually plagued by sweltering heat, January brought cold snaps to Singapore, Manila and BangkokBut climate experts said the chilly weather may have been partly responsible for heavy rain and flooding in Southeast Asia, with possibly worse events to come

Cheryl Heng
Published: 2:00pm, 9 Feb, 2021

In a region usually plagued by sweltering heat, cooler weather prevailed in January. Temperatures fell as low as 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) in Manila, while Bangkok recorded a record low of 16 degrees.

climate experts warned it could be the first hint of unfolding climate change in the region.

“The slightly cooler air delivers lots of moisture, which can lead to heavy rainfall and flooding, said Matthew Ashfold, head of the environmental and geographical sciences school at the University of Nottingham Malaysia.At particular risk, he said, were the east coast states of peninsular Malaysia, “which typically receive lots of rainfall when cold air outbreaks occur”.

“These cold spells in the weather for Singapore have been used by climate contrarians to question the reality of human-induced climate change,” Horton said. “Such misinformation obscures the work scientists are doing to figure out just how climate changes.”

“The latest batch of extreme weather events, including cold temperatures and heavy rainfall, suggests that the climate is entering uncharted territory,” Horton said. “Weather will increasingly fall outside the historical norm.”

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We had it tough here in tropical Australia as well. Thanks to global warming, temperatures have struggled to climb above 90F, leading to slower ice melt in our beer coolers, and mass confusion when cold water flows out of faucets.

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February 9, 2021 at 12:09PM