Heavy snow from the Northern Rockies through the Plains and into the Midwest today.

Dangerous wind chills will continue across the Upper Midwest through the weekend.

Frigid air will spread from Alberta down into Montana into the central Great Plains and Ohio Valley, then gradually work south all the way to the southern tip of Texas and  the southern borders of Louisiana and Mississippi through next week. Strong storms are also possible over Florida today into Sunday.

According to BAMWX meteorologist Kirk Hinz temperatures over the next couple of weeks will run well below average, thus boosting heating degree days, a sign that natural gas demand will surge as people turn up their thermostats to stay warm.

By “well below average,” Hinz means that temperatures will easily run 15 to to 20 degrees below normal on a widespread scale from Montana to Bismarck, Omaha, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and extend as far east as New York City and all areas in between.

He expects temperatures to run 8 to 12 degrees below normal far south as Dallas, New Orleans and Atlanta.

Hinz expects the bitter cold will remain for at least two weeks.

“With the Polar Vortex looking to remain in a very favorable position for arctic blasts of air, expect additional notable cold behind storm systems into the week 2 period,” says Hinz. “We think that this continues throughout week 2, especially as the colder air sinks further south.”

As they shiver under their blankets trying to keep warm, I wonder how many people will appreciate their government’s foolish attempts to force them into submission concerning “global warming”?


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February 6, 2021 at 02:01PM