By Paul Homewood

As New England struggles through its latest winter storm, let’s look at the energy situation there:


Over the last two weeks, natural gas and coal have consistently been supplying around half of New England’s electricity, with nuclear providing most of the rest.

Wind power is currently at 0.4%, while solar power hardly appears at all.

Natural gas is also an important part of New England’s energy mix. Excluding what is used in power generation, natural gas consumption for industry and residential has been running well over 2 bcf/day.

To put this figure into context, this equates to around 25 GW, in other words about double the energy from electricity.

Most of the gas comes from NY’NJ, with a small amount from Canada. Gas, of course, has the huge advantage that it can be stored, and turned on and off when needed.

Maybe Joe Biden might care to tell New Englanders how they are going to keep warm in future, when he has phased out fossil fuels?


February 5, 2021 at 05:00AM