California State Senator Wiener has withdrawn Senate Bill 252—which would have banned black bear hunting in the Golden State. This is in response to hunting organizations collectively coming together to oppose it in petition form.

To discuss this momentary victory, Gabriella is rejoined by Aoibheann Cline from the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. Aoibheann and Gabriella discussed the importance of this momentary victory, why black bear hunting bans aren’t rooted in science, whether or not conservationists should get on board 30×30, and other pressing issues.

Listen to their conversation below:

EP 143: Victory—SB 252 Withdrawn, 30x30, Cautious Optimism with CSF's Aoibheann Cline


EP 143: Victory—SB 252 Withdrawn, 30×30, Cautious Optimism with CSF’s Aoibheann Cline

SB 252 Withdrawn – Sac Bee

Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation




February 4, 2021 at 06:19PM