By Paul Homewood

Even by Harrabin’s standards, this is really the most disgraceful piece of political campaigning dressed up as a news story:

The leading climate scientist James Hansen has warned Boris Johnson that he risks “humiliation“ over plans for a new coal mine in Cumbria.

The UK government, which hosts a climate summit this year, has allowed the mine at Whitehaven to go ahead.

Dr Hansen, formerly Nasa’s leading global warming researcher, urged the PM to halt production – or be „vilified“.

No 10 said the UK was a world leader on climate change, but would not reverse the local council decision on the mine.

In his letter, Dr Hansen – whose testimony before the US Senate helped raise wider awareness of global warming back in 1988 – writes: „In leading the [climate conference], you have a chance to change the course of our climate trajectory, earning the UK and yourself historic accolades.

„Or you can stick with business-almost-as-usual and be vilified around the world.

“It would be easy to achieve this latter ignominy and humiliation – just continue with the plan to open a new coal mine in Cumbria in contemptuous disregard of the future of young people and nature.

“The contrary path is not so easy, but, with your leadership, it is realistic.”

Quite what relevance the views of one US scientist has to do with UK political affairs is a mystery. Last time I checked, we were a parliamentary democracy.

As usual with a Harrabin report, there are no counter views offered, other than a standard government response, so his readers are unable to see all the facts and make their own judgment.

His position at the BBC is surely now untenable.


February 4, 2021 at 04:30AM