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Nice. A weapon against the SJW phenomenon

As I have said from the beginning: virtue signaling is primarily driven by the need to “Impress people at Dinner Parties”. Money matters, but status matters even more so. (What do people spend all that money on — gaining status…)  Popping this phenomenon is a “must have” on the bucket list of rescuing civilizations and here it is — a nice new pointy social tool.

They/Them is an insider voice from the glitterati elite who got fed up with the emptiness and hypocrisy of the uber famous game and is whistleblowing on the shallow self interest that drives the virtue signalers. These are the celebrity SJW’s who pretend to care about the downtrodden while they send each other selfies on high tech boxes made by slaves in china. What They/Them is doing is not just exposing the hypocrisy, and adding a new vocabulary — like the Fameoisie —  but also opening a safe path for those trapped in the bubble to start that conversation. Right now, bullying and fear keep them silent. They/Them is planting a seed. I’ll explain more soon about how we use this tool.

Introducing Wokeyleaks

The Spectator

My disillusionment with the Social Justice ‘left’ was less a road to Damascus moment and more death by a thousand cucks. It was when a friend told me that ‘people are concerned about your use of POC hand emojis on Instagram’. Apparently, it’s ‘the equivalent of blackface’ (it’s really not). It was after a star-studded fundraising dinner when I watched a group of activists so engrossed in their cokey soliloquies on the refugee crisis that they left their guest — a Libyan refugee — alone outside an expensive private club unable to get in. It was witnessing the cowardice of an entire social group who completely abandoned a close friend when he became the subject of a #MeToo allegation that they all knew to be bogus. They were so afraid of being on the wrong side of a trendy cause that they all watched in silence as he was mauled by social media mobs and lost his career.

Ultimately — the thing that drives the righteous indignation of the Social Justice Warrior is not any desire to help the less fortunate but their own of fear bullied and excluded.

I have been complicit in this hypocritical wokeness, but I never called it out. I was scared of being unpopular. In my community of social justice warrior friends, popularity (measured by social media followers) is everything.

The “Fameoisie”

Status is conferred by many things, but the cheapest and easiest route to high status is fame. It’s harder to get rich, to be top of the class, to win actual meaningful awards, to invent something new, to save real people. Collecting followers is the fastest road to Damascus:

It’s the CEOs and board members of the social justice movement who are the problem: actors, musicians, models, journalists and professional campaigners who have benefited from structural inequalities but have decided to adopt woke principles because it is fashionable. They are wealthy, but money is not what motivates them most. They derive their power and privilege not from dollars but from an arguably more valuable form of currency: fame.

Because of social media, never before have so many people been famous. Many friends of mine have 40,000-plus followers; many of them have close to a million. Of Instagram’s one-billion-plus users, only 9.1 percent have fewer than a thousand followers, whereas 30 percent have between 1,000 and 10,000, 36.7 percent have 10,000 to 100,000, 19.5 percent have 100,000 to a million and 0.5 percent have over 10 million. This is a large and entirely new social demographic: a ‘famous-class’, or ‘fameoisie’, if you will.

Paul Joseph Watson explains it all so well:

It’s a sickness  created by social media

Social media is like opium for people with any kind of narcissistic personality disorder. It amplified and reinforced unhealthy tendencies.

The character trait that typically accompanies fame is extreme narcissism. Many friends quickly went messianically deranged when their social media accounts exploded with followers.

Great quotes:

We are so trapped within the algorithm that we’re blind to the fact that  social justice is no longer a political movement but a branding exercise.  We are not activists and revolutionaries but consumers, liking and sharing videos and memes about democracy and equality on phones built by serfs in faraway fiefdoms.

The Spectator calls for more leaks: To any would-be Edward Snowflakes out there: leak your woke-culture war crimes to wokeyleaks@protonmail.com.

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