“You look at the consequences of black lung for a miner, for instance, and measure that against the fastest-growing job in the United States before covid was solar power technician. The same people can do those jobs, but the choice of doing the solar power one now is a better choice. And similarly, you have the second-fastest-growing job pre-covid was wind turbine technician.” — John Kerry, presidential climate envoy

This above statement earned Mr. Kerry “two Pinocchios” from the Washington Post. Ouch. 

For today’s District of Conservation episode, I asked my guest—Lee DeLange from GenPro Energy Solutions , a renewable energy company out of South Dakota—whether or not it’s easy for traditional energy workers to transition to solar technician jobs. DeLange offered, “It’s a very different set of skills, and it’s actually very tough to find [a] really good workforce.” He added if individuals voluntarily seek out renewable energy jobs, they can be trained. 

DeLange also discussed living in South Dakota, why he’s a fan of Governor Kristi Noem, the annual Buffalo Roundup, his job at GenPro Energy Solutions, how the market—not government— should innovate on the renewable energy front, and hunting. 

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EP 141: Lee DeLange, COO of GenPro Energy SolutionsDistrict of Conservation

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In Episode 141 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Lee DeLange, COO of the South Dakota-based GenPro Energy Solutions. GenPro first began as a „solar water pumping distribution company.“ Today, the company oversees a plethora of projects across the renewable energy space. 

Lee and Gabriella revisited the Buffalo Roundup, his job at GenPro Energy Solutions, why his company isn’t at odds with traditional energy, if John Kerry’s statement about energy workers having an easy transition to solar technicians is accurate, how the free market – not government – should innovate, hunting opportunities in the Black Hills of South Dakota and much more.


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February 1, 2021 at 09:05AM