On day four I was cured, had my energy back and was able to work from Daylight to Dark.

Ivermectin – A new way of defeating Covid-19

David Christian

I came down with Covid-19 over the Christmas weekend and was sick for almost 2 weeks and couldn’t get over it.A friend of my wife at work told her about a new way of defeating Covid-19.This friend, like us, owns a farm and raises cattle. As it happens, her husband back in mid December tested positive for Covid-19 and was placed on antibodies by his doctor. Like me, he couldn’t get over it.While outside treating his cattle with the veterinarian, he explained he had tested positive 2 weeks earlier and was still trying to recover from the Covid-19.The Vet laughed and said, “I’ve got something which will knock that Covid bug right out. You will think I am joking but it works.”The Vet told him to use Ivermectin Injection for Cattle and Swine 1% Solution. To use 2-3mL by mixing it in some Juice or Gatorade.  Then repeat 3 days later and he would be cured.When My wife came home from work and told me this story, I went to our local feed store and bought some Durvet Ivermectin 1% Solution. Cost $34.95. I took the recommended rate and mixed it with Gatorade.The next morning I woke up coughing my head off for about 20 minutes. Each time I coughed up green and yellow mucus, and I felt better later that day.On day three I took my second dose.On day four I was cured, had my energy back and was able to work from Daylight to Dark.I personally know numerous farmers in the area who have taken this treatment along with Vitamin C and it cured them in 4-5 days by taking it at the first signs of sickness.The best thing is now we know another way to treat colds and Flu in the event the SHTF happens.

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January 30, 2021 at 12:40PM