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According to the United Nations, “the people’s voice is clear”. The UN believes the results of a survey distributed to gamers playing Angry Birds,  Subway Surfers, Sudoku and Words With Friends is a strong mandate for climate action.

UN global climate poll: ‘The people’s voice is clear – they want action’

The biggest ever opinion poll on climate change has found two-thirds of people think it is a “global emergency”.

The survey shows people across the world support climate action and gives politicians a clear mandate to take the major action needed, according to the UN organisation that carried out the poll.

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) questioned 1.2 million people in 50 countries, many of them young.

While younger people showed the greatest concern, with 69% of those aged 14-18 saying there is a climate emergency, 58% of those over 60 agreed, suggesting there is not a huge generational divide.

“The voice of the people is clear – they want action on climate change,” said Cassie Flynn, the UNDP’s strategic adviser on climate change.

The poll was distributed via advertisements in video games and puzzles, including Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, Sudoku and Words With Friends, and this particularly helped reach younger people.

The idea came to Flynn when she was on the subway in New York City: “I looked around and everyone was on their phones and most were playing games.”

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I feel sorry that the United Nations appears to be having such difficulty getting people to engage with their climate emergency that they have to resort to such innovative methods.

Perhaps WUWT readers can help out with suggestions of what else the UN could do, to get people to answer their surveys.

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January 27, 2021 at 04:18PM