CO2 causing runaway warming is just junk science.

Global warming is wrong, wrong, wrong

Yukon Jack

Snow, snow, snow because global warming (human-caused) is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Humans have burned over a trillion barrels of oil thus far. That is a lot of heat released, and the question is why aren’t we living in a frying skillet? Because all that heat from industry and motor cars ended up heating the air, then at night the heat radiated out to space.

Heat is a weird thing, like what is it really? Well, humans did not know until recently, and it took hundreds of years of science to figure it out. Heat are molecules in motion, when you heat your house you are making the molecules vibrate faster.

So let us say some atmospheric gas actually was causing the atmosphere to heat up in the daytime. What happens to that heat? Most of it ends up in outer space as the earth cools at night. If for some reason there is a daily carryover of heat, when winter comes all the accumulated heat will be dissipated in the long freezing cold winter nights.

So this CO2 causing runaway warming is just junk science. Earth’s temperatures are being determined by some other cause like solar output and orbital dynamics, not by us.

We can not heat the earth even if we wanted to, unless we could make the earth closer to the sun.

Lunatic Bill Gates wants to blot the sun out, because he has billions and believes the myth of global warming, that makes him very dangerous.

If we reduce solar input we could put earth into another ice age, which is going to happen anyways since we are stuck in an ice age cycle that started 2.6 million years ago.

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January 28, 2021 at 01:01PM