Whoa! Many states get even more than that! What a great incentive to report deaths as being due to Covid-19!

“I think Covid-19 is a hoax, and no person has ever died from the “covids,” says reader Yukon Jack.

“The way they pulled the hoax is by intense media non-stop reporting and reassigning other disease deaths as covid deaths.

“That is why influenza deaths went to zero

“That is why suicide stats are not being reported.

“Doctors were told to fill out death certificates with cause of death as Covid-19 because the hospital got big bucks, here is the proof:


“The corrupt state where I live (Oregon), which is ruled by the wicked witch in Salem (Kate Brown,) gets $220,000 federal dollars per covid death. Now that is some dough, and good motivation to knock off granny in the convalescent home.

“Fred, we need more money. Ok, want me to put granny on the respirator? Yeah Fred, and turn up the CO valve. Ok … oops granny just died. Oh well we’ll just have to fill out that Covid form and get $220K.

“Covid is just like CO2, both are invisible and a threat.

Neither can be proven as causal.

Both are hyped by the lying MSM media.”

This report form Becker Hospital Review gives a state-by-state breakdown of federal of federal aid per Covid-19 case.

Thanks to Yukon Jack for this link

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January 25, 2021 at 11:45AM