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The BBC didn’t think it would be reporting a widespread outbreak of toboganning and British-built snowmen in 2021, judging by its longstanding practice of trying to consign such pastimes to history along with Arctic sea ice.
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Severe weather warnings are in place across much of the UK after large parts of the country saw heavy snowfall, reports BBC News.

People on Hampstead Heath in north London
Gritters leaping into action near Touchen-end in Berkshire

The blanket of snow drew people outside for sledging and winter walks, but motorists have been warned to take extra care on icy roads.

Several coronavirus vaccination and testing centres were closed in England and Wales due to the conditions.

Police forces have reminded the public to stick to Covid lockdown rules while enjoying the snow.

Officers in Wandsworth, south-west London, encouraged people with gardens to play in the snow at home.

And police in Rutland, Leicestershire, were among several forces questioning why people were leaving their homes to go sledging.

Continuing coronavirus lockdowns across the four UK nations mean most of the population must stay at home, except for a limited number of reasons.

As well as four vaccination centres in Wales, six Covid testing centres in the West Midlands had to close due to heavy snow.

Highways England warned that the snow had caused collisions on the M3, M27 and M25 in southern England, with the agency urging drivers to only travel if absolutely necessary.

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People sledging on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury Dorset - Andrew Matthews PA Wire

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January 24, 2021 at 01:27PM