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“Houston Medical Hospital is offering $500 to 26,000 employees. That’s $13 million. Wonder who’s paying for it? Probably us.
“Graceland Nursing Home is paying $750, paid for by Fed govt.
“L.A. Fire Dept is offering firemen raffle prizes– gift cards, home security cameras, bikes– what, no toasters?”
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I wonder. Do these medical workers kow something that we don’t?


“Health Workers and Emergency Responders Offered Incentives to Get COVID-19 Vaccines.”

Thus reads the headline TheVaccineReaction.org. 2 3 4 5 6

19 Jan 2021 –  Some employers are offering both monetary and non-monetary compensation as an incentive to get vaccinated.

Media reports show that employers around the country are offering workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic a range of incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Marc Boom, MD, CEO of Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas told the hospital’s 26,000 employees that they would receive a $500 bonus but only if they fulfilled certain eligibility criteria. He said, “Eligibility criteria to receive the award include getting a COVID-19 vaccination, fulfilling our obligation as health care workers to lead the community,”10

Gracedale Nursing Home in Nazareth, Northampton County in Pennsylvania is offering its employees a one-time payment $750 as an incentive for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. One of the primary reasons for incentive is that many of their employees have expressed concern over the safety of the experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines being made available in the U.S. under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) granted to vaccine manufacturers by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).11

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