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h/t Breitbart; As promised, Biden has launched a full frontal assault on the USA’s oil and gas jobs, while he investigates the impact of US domestic energy independence on climate change.

Biden administration suspends federal oil and gas permitting

By Nichola Groom


(Reuters) – The Biden administration has temporarily suspended oil and gas leasing and permitting on federal lands and waters while it evaluates the legal and policy implications of the program, according to a Department of Interior memo.

The move appears to be a first step in delivering on newly sworn-in President Joe Biden’s campaign promise to ban all new federal drilling permits, part of his wider agenda to combat global climate change.

The order was welcomed by environmentalists and derided by the oil and gas industry, whose largest onshore drilling companies have stockpiled permits here in anticipation of a change in federal policy.

U.S. federal lands and waters account for close to 25% of the nation’s crude oil output, making them a big contributor to energy supply but also to America’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Oil and gas industry trade groups American Petroleum Institute and Western Energy Alliance swiftly issued statements condemning the pause.

“With this move, the administration is leading us toward more reliance on foreign energy from countries with lower environmental standards and risks to hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in government revenue for education and conservation programs,” API President Mike Sommers said.

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This comes hot on the heels of Biden cancelling the Keystone Pipeline.

To be fair, nobody can say this is any kind of surprise – Biden promised to shut down US domestic fossil fuel production during the October Presidential debate. So in that sense he is keeping his promise to do just what he said he would do.

So what do you do if you are a soon to be unemployed fossil fuel worker? Biden has a plan – Biden thinks you should “learn to code”, get a job with a big tech company.

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January 21, 2021 at 04:19PM