“The Paris fiasco is a money grab and Mann and Gore are false prophets. ”
– Earl


Pushing a rope will not work


Joe is too old to be the second coming and he wouldn’t have been when he was younger either. Joe was never a leader, always a follower especially to MBNA who was his sponsor. Joe helped them institute usury and eliminate the interest limits on credit cards. His fairy tale marriage is really that, a fairy tale. He stole the wife of the owner of the most popular night club in Newark, Delaware, the Stone Balloon. Jill is a particularly pushy person. This is a Mandarin government with the bureaucrats running the show.

Sentiment in Texas? We think we need a citizenship test to allow new out-of-state immigrants residency in the state, especially those from New York and California. While the separation clause for our state was eliminated during the Civil War, sentiment is high about seceding if Joe pushes through with his war on Oil and Gas. Since our electrical grid only serves Texas, we have the highest alternative energy % in the US. I have not done the calculations versus Germany and Australia. We still have a few coal fired units but gas is plentiful here so the move to combined cycle gas fired generation is still high. Our grid will remain stable.

I would suggest to all of those who bring up Hitler to watch Babylon Berlin and A French Village. BB is about what led to Hitler’s rise and it is very insightful with the current US political turmoil. The second one is about the German occupation of France during WWII and is also insightful about censorship and eliminating opposing viewpoints through force and intimidation. I am married to a German baby boomer whose older siblings lived through WWII and were refuges fleeing in front of the Russian Army. Family get togethers are usually spirited as the issue usually comes up about what parents knew.

Texas is very large and blessed with natural resources. This is my second stint in the State. My first was when the Democrats ran the State. It was a one party state at the time. If you did not vote in the primary, you did not get a say, so everyone was Democrat. While I was gone, the State switched and became a single party Republican state. So, when I came back as a Republican voter, I was at home. There are moves by the liberals in Austin and Houston to try and force a move back to the Democrats. We pick up 3 Representatives this year. Texas is still solidly Republican and so the gerrymandering will end up isolating the Democrats in Houston and Austin more. Hopefully, the influx will be more of the conservatives from New York and California who will realize why they left those states. We will see.

I left Delaware, where I knew all the political players, it’s a small state. I used to ride the train to Washington with Joe in the early morning hours. I admired how he lived at home and commuted. I left because I was raised as a Westerner and Texas was as close as I was going to get to my home state with my company. I have been here for 23 years. Independence and self reliance are key traits of westerners. That is not what the coastal elites want!

Manmade CO2 induced global warming is a fantasy that only brainwashed children can believe. If Joe pushes on this rope, I think that he will see that pushing a rope will not work. Since he is not a scientist and the ones he claims as his scientists are also not scientists, I don’t think he will ever understand that the Paris fiasco is a money grab and Mann and Gore are false prophets. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Well that is one Texan’s rambling.

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January 21, 2021 at 03:52PM