Next comes the snow.

Temperature dropped to -30 degrees C on the night of 17/18 January 2021

Behind us is an exceptionally cold night on 17/18 January 2021 this winter season in Poland.

The temperature dropped to -19 / -28 degrees C in places, and even to -33 / -35 degrees C at the ground!

The lowest temperatures were recorded in the east, northeast and the center of the country.

The lowest temperature of -28 degrees Celsius in a meteorological cage at a height of 2 m was recorded at the border with Russia in Gołdap in the Warmia-Masuria Province.

It was also very cold in Suwałki in Podlasie, where -26 degrees Celsius was recorded.

Relatively little frost was recorded in the south-east, at the seaside and in the west of the country, which was related to the influence of the sea and the persistence of high cloud cover.

Today, on January 18, 2021, in the afternoon and evening, an occlusion front will enter Poland from the west, with snowfall, in places from the west turning into rain and snow.

It will start to get slippery on the roads and sidewalks.

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January 20, 2021 at 05:10PM